Product Range Satellite Derived Bathymetry can be created at several resolutions, depending upon your project size, budget and final application. By varying the satellite sensor used in production a different grid size can be output:

Background Bathymetry has historically been expensive due to on-site collection methods, making it costly and unviable for small projects and certain industries. Due to advances in technology and the development of Satellite Derived Bathymetry, now it is affordable for all. TCarta can provide a range of datasets to suit your project′s individual requirements. No mobilization or permits are required for Satellite Derived Bathymetry as no physical site visit is needed. This removes health and safety risk, while also the non-intrusive method removes any environmental impact

Seafloor system

The HyDrone-ASV is a one-man portable, autonomous and remotely controlled catamaran platform developed for hydrographic survey applications. Working in conjunction with the HydroLite-TM portable echosounder kit, the HyDrone accomplishes the same results as more expensive RC survey systems. The lightweight, wide profile, and watertight construction provide stability, ruggedness and portability. It is manufactured from high quality marine materials and components and easily disassembles for transport and shipping. Work environments include mines, sewage treatment plants, contaminated lakes, harbors and rivers

Faro system

3D MANUFACTURING The Measure of Success® FARO provides a full portfolio of turnkey, 3D measurement solutions for actionable manual and automated inspection of any part, component or final assembly to streamline and maximize efficiencies across the manufacturing process

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