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About Us

Geo Eagles. was founded in 2018 and has steadily grown in size, market share and diversity of services to be one of the few leading providers of Hydrographic, Topographic, dredging Support, geospatial information and Surveying instrument supplier in Egypt and for the middle east.




Our Take on Future

Our Vision​​

We are determined to provide complete service to our customers in the Surveying services. We are committed to achieve sustained growth rate by meeting the schedule and quality requirements of our customers. We will provide our value added services at competitive prices by evolving efficient cost control measures and regular upgrading of our resources

Our Mission​

GeoEagles Co. will become the customer’s first preference Company for Onshore and offshore Surveying services in Middle East.

Our Values

We show respect for one another, We recognize each other’s differences, We understand customer’s needs and expectations and go out of our way to meet them.

We keep our promises, We take responsibility, We implant confidence in our employees and customers, We’re clear in all communications.

We are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner coherent with the utmost of behavior including honesty and fairness. We keep our word, deliver on our promises and recognize our mistakes.

Team Spirit
Surpassing geographic boundaries, our team spirit binds us together. We fully grasp the true meaning of Teamwork; we cooperate and empower one another in recognition that our will translate into excellent solutions and services.

Our Goals​

-The goals of our company are simply to provide quality surveying and mapping services to residential and commercial customers.
-Help our clients to reach their goals with the high quality of services, low cost and less time.
-provide a wide range of services for the surveying equipment and the professional staff.

The primary benefit clients receive when they hire GeoEagles is quality work. GeoEagles has incorporated the latest automation technologies (CAD software, total stations, RTK GPS, Hydrographic Surveying, HD 3d Scanning, data collectors, etc.) thus we deliver the highest levels of accuracy, speed, and flexibility possible. Because of our dedication to continuous improvement, we ask questions, we communicate our approach, and, when it helps us reach our clients’ goals, we create and/or adopt new procedures.
We offer the highest degree of coordination, communication, and client contact which is why our clients continue to return to our office for expertise time and time again.


At GeoEagles Land &Hydrographic Surveyors, we believe that safety is the top priority for every job we do. That’s why all personnel visiting your job site will have up-to-date first aid and job site safety training and will be working with well maintained, fully functional vehicles and equipment. GeoEagles stresses the importance of safety through our comprehensive safety program and during our monthly safety meetings. We ensure that all safety concerns are dealt with promptly and appropriately.
If your job site has a dedicated safety program, we are happy to work with you to make sure our field crew receives the proper training and certification before arriving on site.

People & Services​​

Our experienced people make the difference, being knowledgeable, reliable and open, with the resources and expertise to go the extra mile.

The Service Deffirantce​

Delivering excellence is not just about technology. Our experienced people make the difference. In addition to safe operations, quiet streamers and high-quality data, GeoEagles provide an integrated service that spans the entire project life cycle, from conception through operation planning, to acquisition and reporting

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