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The generated 3D model, tied to common reference of coordinating system, reflecting the exact dimensions, shape, location of existing facilities and structures, greatly assist the design team. This best fits the newly planned expansion structures or facilities with great certainty. Digital photos are captured along with the scanning process from colors and textures of the scanned surfaces projected into the final 3D model, which helps the end user visualize and walk through the project site on his computer screen without any need for repeated site visits. 3D Laser scanning generates more details and therefore enables more versatile use of the generated object model.

♦ Engineering design and planning of heavily congested industrial complexes such as petrochemical, power, and water desalination plants.

♦ Mining industry applications such as the determination of material volume.
♦ Tunnel construction and development.
♦ Confirmation of structural as-built conformity to standard design and reliability.
♦ Contaminated landfill surveys and terrain modeling.

♦ Generation of as-built data for project documentation.
♦ Ground Surface topographic and feature detail mapping for inaccessible areas such as roads or steep and rocky terrains

 Our Services include:

♦ Establishment of project survey control monument network and baselines.
♦ Topographic measurements using conventional or 3D laser scanning techniques.
♦ Volume calculation for stock piles, queries, and earth material movement.
♦ Terrain modeling.
♦ Survey and update site layout plans.
♦ Road and ramp stakeout.

♦ Safety accident investigation survey

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