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Oil & Gas Geospatial Survey

GeoEagles offers its clients in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries with the following services:

♦ Support services for oil field seismic surveys. 
♦ Accurate satellite based positioning. . 
♦ Oil/Gas well surveys. 
♦ Rig surveys. 
site preparation surveys. 
♦ Off-shore positioning surveys. 
♦ 3D high definition surveys. 
♦ Geographic Information Systems.

♦ Engineering design and planning of heavily congested industrial complexes such as petrochemical, power, and water desalination plants.

♦ Mining industry applications such as the determination of material volume.
♦ Tunnel construction and development.
♦ Confirmation of structural as-built conformity to standard design and reliability.
♦ Contaminated landfill surveys and terrain modeling.

♦ Generation of as-built data for project documentation.
♦ Ground Surface topographic and feature detail mapping for inaccessible areas such as roads or steep and rocky terrains

 Our Services include:

♦ Establishment of project survey control monument network and baselines.
♦ Topographic measurements using conventional or 3D laser scanning techniques.
♦ Volume calculation for stock piles, queries, and earth material movement.
♦ Terrain modeling.
♦ Survey and update site layout plans.
♦ Road and ramp stakeout.

♦ Safety accident investigation survey

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